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Indo-Chinese At Gujju's

Our Restaurant Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful Indian Cuisine.

Indian cuisine has its authenticity and has originated over millions of years. Indians have settled all around the world and this has brought about a fusion of food. One of the world's known fusion is Indo Chinese food which is liked by masses. Keeping this in mind we at Gujjus have an exotic and exhaustive spread of Indo Chinese’s dishes for you to choose from. Our Chinese range is very much liked by our customers as our chefs make sure to prepare the food keeping in mind the tastes and preference of our customers. They make sure that they provide a twist of Indian taste without overpowering and diminishing the actual taste of the Chinese version. With the use of diverse Indian and Chinese spices and favors keeping in mind customers from different part of world. Our chefs make sure that Gujjus which is also popular as an Indian Chinese restaurant Malvern east keeps its spirit alive.

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Indian Chinese restaurant Malvern East the Gujjus offer an array of Chinese dishes such as variety of Manchurian keeping in mind the Indian taste buds. We serve various varieties of Manchurian such as Gobi Manchurian, Paneer Manchurian, Baby corn Manchurian and Mixed veg Manchurian. The client has a choice of ordering it dry or with gravy. Keeping in mind the love for chili by Indians both in home country as well as abroad we have a large selection of chill dishes. We make sure that we keep the dishes mild with a dash of chili which makes the flavors come alive.

As far as the main course is concerned our chefs have very carefully formed the menu which caters to all the taste and preference of all the customers.Our fried rice, Szechuan fried rice and Manchurian fried rice is one of the most popular dishes amongst our guest, Our chefs makes sure that all the dishes are prepared fresh and served hot to the customers so that they memorize the taste even after years of visiting of the biggest hit among children are the special cheese chiliballs, which are crisp from out and moist from inside with succulent cheese oozing out from the center.


All this is possible only due to our expertise staff which comprises of experienced chefs our catering staff and managers who are always looking forward to serve you, the best of both worlds.Come, relish and adoreamemorable gastronomic experience at GujjusIndian Chinese restaurant Malvern east and take away an experience of a lifetime with you.

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