Variety Of Chaats At Gujju's

Our Restaurant Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful Indian Cuisine.

How can you forget about the mouth watering Chaat when you talk about Indian food? Yes, chaat corners and lip smacking chaats will make you droll over once you visit Gujjus. We at Gujjus lay special focus on Indian chaat which taste exactly like the ones available at any street food outlet in India. You would be spoilt with the numerous choices available at our chaat in Malvern east. Not only does it depict the multi diverse culture of India but also depicts a perfect fusion of Australia with India. We make sure that we retain the authentic flavors of chaat keeping in mind the pallets of the locals. Our chefs are more than willing to tailor made the chaat according to the customer’s requirement. So if you are worried that you would not be able to relish the actual taste of the Indian chaat due to its spice then don’t worry as you can custom make it in any flavor.

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Dabeli (Kutch Special)

Little do you know that we at Gujjus make sure that chaat in Malvern east is prepared while keeping full control of health and hygiene also make sure that it is prepared while keeping in mind the nutritional aspects. Most of the ingredients used in chaat have health benefits which are prepared from organic and herbal ingredients.

Every chaat enthusiast must be aware of the panipuri; our chefs prepare the pani using all natural ingredients such as mint and other Indian spices which are roasted and grinded at our own premises. Other than panipuri, we have a large variety of chaat such as papri chaat, rajbhog chaat, dahi Delhi Chaat which would take you back to the awesome taste of old Delhi. One of the most favorite among our customers is the Ragda patties and Hyderabadi tikki chat which is served hot and crispy. You would not imagine that, it might be termed as a snack but is good enough to fill you and keep you making your tummy full and happy.

Our chefs have introduced some fusion elements without disturbing the authenticity of the chaat. One such example of our fusion elements is indeed the cheese bhel, cheese pavbhaji and cheese wada paw. All these items are on a lighter side with minimalistic spice. If you are missing your home town Jamnagar then why not just try some Jamnarii chaat and relish those wonderful time spent with family and friends.

The chaat in Malvern east is so tantalizing and scrumptious that it would make your ask for more. The overwhelming hospitality and warmth will make you visit Gujjus more often. You would be so tempted to come here again and again as it not only makes you closer to home but also satisfy that urge of Indian snacks, especially chaats.

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