Desserts At Gujju’s

Desserts With Indian Touch

Our Restaurant Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful Indian Cuisine.

Who does not like sweets and dessert, every cuisine has their share of dessert, similarly Indian cuisine is no short of sweets and dessert.In fact Indians are inheritably born with a sweet tooth, thanks to the wonderful desserts from all across the country. People from all over the world droll for Indian desserts, whether it is GulabJamun or RasMalai, its authentic flavors captivate the attention of any foodie. If you wish to try some of the best known desserts in Malvern east then why not head to Gujjus which serve one of the most lip smacking deserts in Malvern East. We at Gujjus have tried to maintain the original taste of the desserts which are available in India. We have experienced chefs who have many years of expertise in preparing desserts and sweets. One of the most favorite dessert and liked by mostly all our customers is the GulabJamun which is served hot with the sugar syrup. In order to give it western touch we have tried to bring about a fusion element by adding ice cream to hot and steaming gulabjamun.

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Another close competitor to the lip smacking GulanJabun is the RasMalai which is prepared with the help of cottage cheese and is very healthy as it has the goodness of milk as it is served in a saffron flavored milk known as the ras. The flavored milk is flavored by natural ingredients such as saffron and pistachio. The basic RasMalai is very healthy as it is steamed unlike its counterpart GulabJabun which is deep fried. Liked by million, this authentic dessert is one of our best sellers.

We at Gujjus have kept in mind the children who have a fetish for chocolate, how can the deserts in Malvern East end without sizzling brownie which is loaded with milk chocolate which will not only leave you kids drooling for more but would also make you ask for more.Last but not the list we also have a range of freshly prepared Kulfi which is the Indianice-cream, Guest can choose from two flavors that is Mango Kulfi and Pista Kulfi. 

Australian summers are incomplete without the Indian Kulfie, so come and taste thebest deserts in Malvern East at Gujjus.

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