Must Have Gujarati Delicacies

Must Have Gujarati Delicacies

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Gujarati food is a brilliant mix of sweetness and spice. Known for its unique cooking styles and uncommon ingredients, Gujarati cuisine majorly includes vegetarian delicacies. This particular cuisine excels in the use of mild spices. Gujarati foods are a must try for people who have a sweet tooth. You are bound to find many dishes in Gujarati cuisine which are sweet and savoury in taste. Dominant use of tomatoes, sugar and lemon is very common in this cuisine. Some of the most renowned Gujarati dishes are dhokla, khandvi, undhiyu, and thepla. Well, apart from the stated, the use of yogurt is also quite profound in Gujarati dishes. Another thing that sets this cuisine apart from the rest is the mouth-watering pickles. Here are some must-try Gujarati delicacies which you should not miss.

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Rajasthani Thali
  • Undhiyu

For most Gujarati food lovers, Undhiyu is an all-time favourite. The dish is a mixture of several vegetables like potatoes, purple yam, eggplants, green peas, unripe bananas, etc. Further this mixture is tossed in a variety of spices and is cooked in a unique manner. Often even coconut is used in this mixture to give it a different flavour. This dish is usually served at weddings or during festivals. Undhiyu is more or less a mix vegetable dish served with fried puris or any Indian bread. This is a seasonal dish which is commonly eaten in winters.

  • Thepla

Eaten as a side dish or as a main meal, thepla is a flat round bread made from wheat flour, fenugreek and spices. This dish is popular all over the world because it is available in ready-to-eat packs as well. Thepla is best eaten with yogurt and pickle. This dish is not only filling and easy to make but is also healthy because of its ingredients.

  • Gujarati Kadhi

The preparation of Gujarati kadhi is complicated and tricky. There are several types of kadhis in India and Gujarati Kadhi is considered as one of the best. Sweet and tangy in taste, kadhi is a like a light gravy made from yogurt, gram flour and spices. The consistency of this dish is soup-like and it is best eaten with rice.


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